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We actively share our 25-year expertise with our clients to inspire them. VILTRUS has been working in more than 70 countries all around the world and implemented metering solutions in renewable energy, commercial metering field and many more.


VILTRUS is known for customer-orientated and reliable solutions. We are dedicated to your project’s success, therefore continually sharing our gained knowledge, supporting our clients along the way with all needed information.


Our skilled engineers are constantly upgrading and developing new advancements and products for our clients. We strive on new technology and tendencies in this industry.


We encourage environmentally sustainable business. Our goal is to constantly review and upgrade our processes, production to be as sustainable and green as possible. And with that, inspire our clients to do the same.

About Us

JSC „VILTRUS“ is privately-owned high-tech electronics engineering and IT solution company. We create, engineer, and manufacture various electronic devices and IT solutions in remote control, metering, data acquisition, energy, and industrial fields.

At VILTRUS, we are experts in universal data loggers, control units, signal converters and Modbus/M-Bus technologies. Our devices are used in numerous industries, including smart metering, renewable energy, aerospace and IoT.

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