We often get the question: what is the difference between MX-9 and MX-9mini Data Loggers? 

MX-9 Data Logger is one of the most popular products manufactured by VILTRUS. Both with MX-9mini it is dedicated for collecting data via Wireless M-Bus and used for real time logging, analyzing of collected measurements and sending data files to remote users and servers through GPRS/GSM/4G network. Our clients use both data loggers for industrial and commercial buildings, plants, sensor monitoring and many other applications. Wireless M-Bus supports 169MHz, 433MHz and 868MHz modes and can read up to 250 Wireless M-Bus devices. It seems that technical specifications are very similar?

Well, the point is to know what to choose which time. MX-9 is much more advanced data logger, in a sense that it has a lot more interfaces than the mini version. Including RS232/RS485, wired M-Bus, Data/Req and Ethernet. Because of this, MX-9 is also much bigger in size and can perform many operations at the same time. MX-9mini on the other hand, is much smaller device, therefore more applicable in tight spaces and various conditions. However, by reducing the size, we lose some interfaces, for example, wired M-Bus and Ethernet functionality. But with that, MX-9mini becomes much more universal and easier adaptable to custom client’s needs. 

One example is that MX-9mini was engineered and became compatible with SFTP client protocol, which provides exclusive security while transferring data. This function is very demanded in some markets and mini version was improved according to this need in recent years. In other occasions, with MX-9mini we managed to expand its technical capabilities to read more wireless devices than the MX-9 and send these files to client’s remote servers. These cases really show how simple and yet universal device can be accustomed to client needs when you have a space for it.

Summing it up, both devices are great and advanced solutions, but used for different projects and applications. It all depends on your needs. So, when you will be choosing your MX-9 Data Logger next time, you need to consider three things:

  • Interfaces you need.
  • Size of the device.
  • Universality and customobility of the data logger.

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