About us

JSC „VILTRUS“ is privately-owned high-tech electronics engineering and IT solution company. We create, engineer, and develop various electronic devices and IT solutions in remote control, metering, data acquisition, energy, and industrial fields.

One of our main goals is to provide state of the art, cutting edge electronic technologies to world market. We as a company are versatile manufacturers, constantly researching, upgrading, and creating brand new electronic and IT products, solutions for various industrial fields and more than 70 countries all around the world.

What we offer

We offer our expertise in universal data loggers, control units, signal converters and Modbus/M-Bus technologies. Our devices are universal, adaptable to various fields and industries:

  • Smart metering (water, electricity, gas, heat, etc.)
  • Heating substation metering
  • HVAC industry
  • Industrial, commercial, and residential metering and control
  • Renewable energy and Agro monitoring
  • Remote device control
  • Environmental, scientific metering and telemetry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Railways industry
  • Internet of Things (IoT)

JSC “VILTRUS” is constantly looking for new partners, distributors and system integrators, who need and appreciate the state of art, newest generation technologies, IT products and metering solutions.

At VILTRUS, we are creative and passionate, offering more than 25 years of experience and dedication to the success of your project.

Our clients