Lately, we noticed that there is a huge need of more advanced Modbus TCP/IP converters among our clients and industry. So, we heard you! VILTRUS is proud to introduce MX-10 Data Logger that connects the capabilities of a data logger and M-Bus to Modbus Converter in one product.

MX-10 is perfectly designed for monitoring and smart metering systems, because it can read from different carrier meters and sensors, is equipped with standard protocols and designed as universal as possible. Functionalities include heat, water, gas and electricity measurements. It can not only read above mentioned but perform initial analysis of received data and send to remote users and servers through 2G/4G network.

Through the years, we’ve seen our devices being implemented in various projects, locations, and environments. Knowing that, VILTRUS shows particular attention to this. Therefore, if your project is in remote location, or more extreme climate conditions, this device is perfect as it is manufactured with a reliable and sturdy case, data logger has IP20 protection type and can function in extreme weather temperatures and humidity range. Moreover, MX-10 can be configured both locally and remotely.

For more technical information, you can check datasheet for MX-10 in our product portfolio. Or you can contact us through contact form or