Staffing/Temporary Employment

Staffing or temporary employment is the process in which we select and employ workers based on our client’s needs. When we hire a new employee in VILTRUS, we are responsible for managing employment relations between the client and employee and handle salary-related questions.

This service attempts to make employee relations management easier and more efficient. It allows clients to handle employees’ demands more flexibly when hiring them for long- and short-term projects without having to hire new personnel directly.

Staffing advantages:

  • Fast and flexible labour force planning.
  • Management of risks related to variation in employee numbers.
  • Flexibility in difficult human resource management environment.
  • Cost savings.
  • Fewer personnel and accounting professionals in the client’s company.

IN-House Contracting

In-house services relate to a flexible workforce on-site that helps clients to get the most out of outsourcing. Clients provide details on the work to be done, the number of units needed, and the deadline. VILTRUS analyzes the task and assembles successful teams that take full responsibility for the work, utilizing their own resources, adhering to agreed-upon quality standards, and reporting performance results to the client.

  • “Pay per unit” option. Clients save costs, because they only pay for the completed work units.
  • Passing on responsibility for workflow organization and its effectiveness to the provider of service.
  • Using the service provider’s expertise in warehousing and production operations management.
  • Keeping the costs of expensive management staff to a minimum without sacrificing effectiveness.
  • Optimal flexibility.

“VILTRUS” has great experience in electric installation works in industrial sector.

  • Material procurement and management
  • Cable pulling works
  • Termination works
  • Electronic equipment mounting and installation
  • Testing, commissioning and warranty works

Construction project claim management

In order to achieve the intended goals, Claim Management is an unavoidable process in Construction Project Management. The first requirement is to avoid a claim by carefully managing the breeding grounds, aligning papers, and eventually entertaining an entitlement in a timely and professional manner. A thoughtful approach to early resolution of disputes between parties is always less expensive and leads to win-win results. The construction project, which is typically a large undertaking, necessitates the prevention of damaged relationships between parties, stalemates, delays, disputes, or resource losses that may result in or carry the potential for litigious and arbitral action by the parties, for contract resolution.

Claim is a management issue, and the process must be managed efficiently and effectively throughout the project’s life cycle.

The construction project generally has four well-recognized phases and most common construction claims include:

  • Defect Claims (related to design and construction)
  • Force Majeure Claims
  • Cost Overrun Claims
  • Non-payment Claims (or Notice to Withhold Claims)
  • Loss of Labor Productivity Claims

The greatest opportunity to Prevent Claims comes to an end once tender-documents are finalized, and the contract is awarded.

Project managers at VILTRUS are experts in setting up effective claim management process during all project’s life cycle.

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